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Vertical Jump

The Brower Vertical Jump is an intuitive way to measure an athletes jump performance. Giving you instant height measurements so you can quickly test a high volume of athletes. No more counting sticks or cheating the pad.


High Throughput

Easily and accurately measure up to 5 athletes per minute. With its infrared sensing technology athletes can quickly set their reach then measure their jump height.

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0.2 inches (0.5 mm) jump resolution.

48” height allows for a wide range of athlete sizes without the need for adjusting the unit’s position.

Measures every jump, not just the highest.

Large detection area, 10 inches deep by 4 inches wide.

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Mounting Options

With the included clamps the Brower Vertical Jump can quickly be attached to backboards and doors or used with a stand. It can also be mounted to walls for a more permanent installation.


 Tutorial Video Series


 Technical Specifications

Length 52 inches
Detection Area 48" tall / 1-8" from the unit / 4" wide
Resolution 0.2"
Max Error +- 0.2"
Batt. Life 2000 Jumps (40 Hrs.) 30 Days on Standby
Shipping 12 lb / 4.5" x 58"
Unit Weight 9 lb